We Use a Brand New Box

5 Safest Ways To Mail Weed

Using a brand new box is also crucial to the entire shipping operation. Using an old, worn out box might raise some suspicion.

Also, there’s a better chance the odor might get through if there are any holes in it. We Make sure to purchase a brand new cardboard box and seal it tight. We wouldn’t want anything slipping through the cracks, after all. Now its safe.


We Don’t Use Masking Scents

5 Safest Ways To Mail Weed

Washing each plastic bag with soap and water is really all that should be done to help mask cannabis odor. We Don’t use masking scents like cologne, perfume, or spray-on deodorant , as Dogs can easily detect masking scents, so using them may actually be a bigger red flag than anything else.

One thing we do, however, is fill the package with something like chocolate or flowers to make it look like that’s what you’re sending. The smells are not nearly as pungent, and they are pretty typical items to send through the mail.

We Use Multiple Layers Of Packaging

5 Safest Ways To Mail Weed First, we  vacuum seal the weed in a base layer of plastic packaging.

Then, we put additional layers of packaging on top to hide the smell. Use soap and water to wash each plastic bag that surrounds the cannabis.

This can help hide the smell without making it too obvious that you’re trying to hide something. Use anywhere from three to five bags, just to be safe.